Phyllis Shipley Fineart
Phyllis Shipley Fineart


Phyllis Shipley has been producing fine art paintings for the past thirty (30) years and has been a successful gallery owner, a successful art show participant and award winner, and a continual student in the details of water color and acrylics.  Phyllis Shipley began painting in the early 1980's realizing a childhood dream.  Following years of playing and teaching music with the organ and piano, raising children, and a successful career as a purchasing executive with a major chemical corporation; the time was right and it was also available to pursue her dream and passion.


Artist Shipley, a native of Johnson City, Tennessee, opened her first gallery in 1984 in a gift shop in  Kingsport, Tennessee.  Later she opened a much larger gallery in October of 1996 in Johnson City.  Nestled amongst some major chain stores the simple white building with the maroon awning was often described as a "hidden jewel" by customers.  Stepping inside the gallery was reminiscent of walking into a secret Victorian Garden, as rich with the artists vivid imagination as the vivacious colors of her watercolor palette.


Shipley often describes her childhood with her mother, grandmother and aunts all having large flower gardens and instilling in her a feeling of peace and comfort with flowers and a love for the intensity of the colors. Ms Shipley applies her " Inner Vision" to create juicy and loose watercolors and acrylics with a musical fluidity of expressions. Shipley loves flowers because as she says: "they are a symbol of strength as well as delicacy and beauty". 


Besides being a successful gallery owner, Phyllis has particapated in many art shows in the Eastern U.S., averaging 18 to 20 shows anually and winning awards of merit and best of show at several of these.  She further particapated in the Wholesale Art Marts in Atlanta, New York City, Dallas, Orlando, St. Louis and Charlotte. 


Although she enjoys applying her talents and her "inner vision" to subjects of her own interests, she has worked with many customers and decorators to create specific commissions to satisy unique requirements for colors, sizes and subject matters.